The dentist DISFIGURE ME!

just finish my wisdom teeth operation, my lips are twisted!!!

my upper lip no longer align with the lower lip, it stray more to the left side now, i look like a freak! oh god no please don’t do this to me! please what’s going on, am i disfigure? oh god no no no no no!!!

It could be worse…

it’s just like that.

so what’s happening? did the dentist made a mistake?

Probably nicked a nerve.

You should be fine in a few days.

If your worreid then go to a doctors and get them to take alook.

i wonder if i should switch to a new dentist, since i still have 2 more wisdom teeth to go, my lips are still incorrectly aligned, but i’ll wait a few days like you said, but if it’s perma, then noone will ever kiss me ever again…

i truly hate wisdom teeth

Oh dear … now you’ve lost your wisdom :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=debro;1920430]Oh dear … now you’ve lost your wisdom :)[/QUOTE]

what wisdom??? :doh: :stuck_out_tongue: