The death of the idea / Why evil will triumph

Got an idea ?

A major breakthrough for human kind , community or the trailerpark you live in ?

Keep it in your head ! You will pay dearly because of it ! Don’t say you have been warned !

I’m not talking about standard American Lawsuits , i’m talking about the global thoughts on ideas , inventions and innovations.
Though the US of A kinda started it , the rest of the world was not required to start with this absurdity … so they get blame as well.

You see , a lot of companies , that are now big companies… are suing everybody that has made , created , spoken ,published or invented that has some very very very vague resemblence with the company itself.

Example : Microsoft Windows… Windows… Lindows… What the hell was the bloody idea of sueing Lindows… protecting the common mass about mistakes they could make ?

But what if the idea is brand new… and bears no resemblence in any other invention whatsoever ?

Well, then you , as a consumer are partially safe… because now were not in the sueing business anymore , but in the druglord business.

Druglords ? WTF ?

Yes… druglords…

Anybody who has risen above the level of the the Teletubbies series , must have seen at least one movie about druglords… Miami Vice or knows some relative or friend that has been an addict on some stuff.

Then you know how they deal… First… they give you the stuff for free… “Just try it , who knows you might like it”. And if you happen to like it… and in the worst case… you happen to like it a LOT… you’re hooked… in the grasp of the modified license agreement and you start paying … paying a lot… for the same product you will keep on paying and paying… because everytime … the next update will be better , will be cooler.

You think OggVorbis will stay to be free when 99% of the people are using it ?

See some similarities ? If you try to keep walking the right path , you will be buying a lot of things… and if you happen to have an idea or cool modification which may benefit… you’ll get sued… and lose your money anyway.

So… is there an alternative ?

Sure there is… the dark side…

The dark side contains of illegal software , semi-legal music and stuff that the long arm of the law (that is supposed to protect the poor defenseless citizen that is you) hasn’t touched yet. The dark side is quite scary if you happen to be a druglord yourself , it gets less scary if you happen to be among a lot of people who are all doing the same thing as you. (So you don’t feel that evil anymore … in fact… it’s kinda cool , since you’re up with society around you).

But it gets worse… the dark side is even darker at the big companies.

Example : a game console gets hacked and because of that hack , hacked games can be played, the console gets amazingly populair and even legal sales start to skyrocket…
then after a while … the company decides it’s been enough , the sales are not that high and they start sueing people because of their lost profits. Hopefully the little companies that made good money on these vague products have so much money that the big sueing company can benefit from it’s sue.

There is no use in sueing Mr “good” User , simply because he/she has no money left… That was gone because of royalties in music , tax or other fine products.

There is not really use in sueing Mr User who has turned to the dark side … as he still does not have money. But if they get annoyed they will sue… simply to remove Mr User from its society. Gossip is cool. Fear works… and Doubt will lead to both.

So , think before you think. Leave your ideas to yourself , let fear overcome you… try to stay good and pay your bloody salary to protect the companies that will sue you for it.

Or … welcome to the dark side…

I have lost my trust in this world a long time ago. Have nothing more to add.

you’ve got something they want and they are comming to get it: Money

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I have lost my trust in this world a long time ago. Have nothing more to add.

/me feel totally the same. And as things progress, I can’t see anything that might change my mind.

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You think OggVorbis will stay to be free when 99% of the people are using it ?


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But not in its legal form.