The deamon-tools of floppy drives?

right now my floppy drive does not work. i want to run a diagnostic program on my computer that needs to be booted from a floppy, it installs itself from a CD to a blank floppy. my question is, is there a virtual fdd program that i can use until i order and install a new FDD?

any and all help is appreciated.

I don`t think there is a virtual floppydrive you could use.

BUT! Create a bootable CD from the diskette (Image), and boot from it…

how do i do that?


the name of the program is CheckIt! Pro. i wonder if it would even work from cd-rom after i figured out how to make the cd bootable.

i figured out how in Nero, but theres no image of a floppy on the cd, it must be within the executable? there must be some way to dump the image?

why not install it from the cd to a blank cd, and boot it from there? if your bios supports this - it would be the way to go.

just copy the program that it wants to put on the floppy onto the blank cd-rw.

a virtual floppy drive wouldnt do much good when u try and boot, as it would be emulated once windows is running :?

i cant copy it to a blank CD