The Day After Tomorrow (PAL) DVD

AFAICT this disc contains an illegal filesystem; it just will not mount at all either under Linux or Windows (XP), even running AnyDVD.

It works fine on the various stand-alones I have in the house though.

The disc is brand new and unscratched.

I have eight computers on the network, all with different makes and models of optical drives, and not one of them recognises this disc.

Is there some kind of disk driver patch I can use to force this DVD to mount, so I can rip it? (Then again, I suppose that is part of what AnyDVD is supposed to do, but doesn’t in this case.)

Also, all the Protection ID utils I’ve seen, require the disc to actually be mounted first. Is there a tool that can ID the protection using raw sectors, without mounting the disc? Something specifically designed to deal with this kind of protection perhaps?


Title: “The Day After Tomorrow, Two Disc Special Edition”
Disc: 1
Region: 2


I believe the disc is badly manufactured (at the “edge” of the physical specification) so your drive simply won’t read it. In this case AnyDVD would show “no disc inserted” in the status window.
You could try a different drive, if this is possible.

Thanks, but I’ve already tried all 16 drives on the network, without success.

If this is some kind of new protection, then I must say, it’s a damned good one. I can’t even mount the disc. Game over.

I doubt it’s a new protection because this movie is nearly 2 years old.

Yeah I did consider that, but I just can’t think of anything else. It’s weird. I mean all 16 drives but works fine on standalones?

So then you can’t play it on a PC. Give it back, it is faulty.

Finally got it to mount!

No idea how I did it, but I just kept ejecting and reinserting the disc until it finally mounted after about the 50th time!!!

You can bet the first thing I did was rip it to an ISO.

Here’s what AnyDVD had to say:

The disc is only 6.58GB full, so it’s not like it was that kind of problem you see with overburns.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this disc works first time, every time in all my standalone players, I’d just say it was physically damaged or badly mastered.

There’s definately something very weird about that disc.

Anyway, it’s ripped now, so I don’t care :slight_smile:

Thanks ppl.