The darndest thing is happening

Hello to you all. I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer to and I’ve been digging believe me. Figgured some of the sharp folks here might know and I thought the newbie forum should be where this newbie should start.

So I get this nice new Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop recently. Great to have a fast new machine ya know? Anyway, we had been backing up our collection of DVDs with no problems on the office HP machine using DVD shrink and CloneDVD2. So I start to do this job on the laptop and of course, no problem doing it and I pop the DVD into the home DVD player and boom, I have a movie. But the funny thing is, the back up copy won’t play on the laptop. I don’t care what program I try to run it in and I’ve tried a few, it simply won’t play. Beats me why as you would think if my 3 year old home DVD player plays them then certainly my bad ass new laptop should. Anybody have any clues at all? I’m sure stumped. Thanks ahead folks! :iagree:

You could try different media and formats.

For example, try Verbatim DVD+R and DVD-R disks. Some drives handle + media better, others handle - media better.

If you have a drive that can do Bit Setting, you could get a DVD+R and bit set it to a DVD-ROM and see if that works as well. Some drives handle that ok too.

I’ve had my best luck with Verbatim DVD-R disks, but of course, with differing hardware, different formats may work better for you.

Good luck.

Read somewhere on here that some writers will not play their own disks, but will play other writers disks. I think this was -R they were talking about. See if it will play in your friends computer. If it does then try a +r or vice versa. I also have a writer that wont play its own -R but is no problem since I have several.

Hey thank you gents! I’ll take the -R into the office tomorrow and see if it plays on my dell desktop. I bet it will though. In the meantime I’ll try some +R on the laptop and see if that works. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

If u can see with “explore” option some files on the dvd media that means u only have a software problem , if u cannot that measn u might have a media/ drive problem

Ok well, I can see the “audio” and “video” files on the DVD in explore. So I have a problem with Shrink and DVD Clone?