The Dark Knight




Initially, I’m having problems w/ opening up The Dark Knight, as it begins the read and then slowly shuts down all together. I haven’t installed the new 0.8 beta as of yet, but I just wanted to get a heads up on my progress thus far. Will update later.



The beta 0.8 will do it with no problem with PP enabled, I just done it


R1 Widescreen Edition trying all 3 options in pathplayer, beta, and the disc reads fine. I haven’t tried to back it up using DVDFab at this time.


Backed up just fine Bob using the VSO burning engine


[QUOTE=Jimbo;2173135]Backed up just fine Bob using the VSO burning engine[/QUOTE]Hi Jim … i kinda figured that :cool:


The new Beta rocks! I have the widescreen version as well. I enabled PP and used IMGburn and copied flawlessly on DL DVD9. Nice resolution!


Anyone notice the volue label is wrong? THE_DARK_NIGHT


I backed up the Dark Knight on Main Movie with Path Player disabled and all went great.

Also I have never had a coaster yet in 5 years of DVDFAB…

This is outstanding software:clap: