The dark knight



Anydvd won’t back up the Dark Knight


[QUOTE=DOOMSDAY007;2164457]Anydvd won’t back up the Dark Knight[/QUOTE]

[U]Slysoft[/U] knows. I expect they’ll be releasing an update in the near future. There is still ~2 weeks until the disc is officially released.


I was planning towatch at the family Thanksgiving get together and I don’t want to take the Original disc… So I guess we won’t watch it. I will watch it when i get home LOL


Try this new beta version which was released to fix this issue.

Just letting you know early that Slysoft have released a new beta version of AnyDVD to enable backing up The Dark Knight on DVD and may work with Wall-E which uses new copy protection systems – here’s more info

Please try this version. I don’t expect any problems: 2008 11 27

  • New (DVD): Added support for new protections
  • Change (Blu-ray): AnyDVD will disable itself, if BD+ can’t be removed
  • Fix (Blu-ray & HD-DVD): Bug reading unencrypted files from encrypted
    BD / HD DVD discs
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages




Use beta not beta.


cant back up dark knight. any suggestions?


No problems with R1 Widescreen Edition,ImgBurn,and AnyDVD Ripped to .iso.

I assume you are using AnyDVD?


What program are you using to rip and burn dax?


any dvd and clone dvd current versions.dark knight wont even play on my computer.get sound no picture


Untick the foreign languages & subtitles and try again.


did that


Bad disc I bet then. Does it rip fine with anydvd only?


I had the same trouble with Zohan.when i inserted the movie into computer and hit play, I get a black screen and sound from the movie. tried ripping it to harddrive no luck , is there new encryption?plays fine in dvd player.


Bad disc then exchange it for another. This is the issue even if it plays fine.


thanks Dr.who.I exchanged Zohan and still had this problem. thanks again 4 your input


Neither will


also can not back up batman (dark knight)


Yes it does I have received reports that ripping with anydvd does just fine. If you put the disc in your drive and create a and upload it here we may be able to help more.


friscoslik,pmowl6969 does the disk play on your computer?