The Dark Knight DVD - Ripping Problem



Hi I have ImToo DVD Ripper Platinum. Other DVD’s seem to work okay, but I can’t get anywhere with The Dark Knight DVD.

It allows me to select clips, to browse the film in doing so etc. But when I click the red button to ‘Start Ripping’ it just pauses at 0% and doesn’t seem to get any further.

Is there any way around this? Is anyone else having the same problem?

Help appreciated!


I don’t use ImToo but the latest version of DVDFab Decrypter works well. You can download a trial version or just use the free version if you want to rip the whole disk. There should be a download link in the DVDFab sub forum here at CDFreaks.


I just used DVD fab - They seem to be more upto speed with rolling out updates for new kinds of DVD than ImTOO

The Dark Knight was released around the 10th December. So far it has taken ImTOO 8 days to release an update. Are they even bothering? If so, why should we buy their software? Why not buy DVD fab instead?

Are there any other DVD’s that are problems for ImToo? Perhaps we should compile a list to put some pressure on them to solve the inadequacies of their product.

Here is the first one for the list

The Dark Knight

Come on ImTOO - you have our cash, now follow it up properly by looking after us.


The Dark Knight
Casino Royale


DVD fab will do the job nicely.
Don’t look anywhere else…


would you please tell me what’s your original files’ format?
Then, please open “Tools-Preference”,then please select "Low"for "video quality"and a lower burning speed to have a try.
By the way,I want to say,there are so many software for video and DVD converter and ripper.and everyone has its advantage.However,you have the right to choose which one you use.
Thank you all the same!