The Dangerous Brothers site also gone?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I cann’t reach the site of The Dangerous Brothers at :confused:
Are they following Herrie’s site with this? :sad:

No :wink:

Thanks :bow: , I think I used an old link which they just removed.

Yes, please use instead of sometimes redirects to the wrong page. is the official address now…

Rumours of our demise have been grossly exaggerated…

Brother Vlad

This is another site i cant reach , this and codekings :frowning:
Anyone got ideas on this?

Cant get it either. Get a ‘page cannot be displayed’ message.

Way to bump a thread from 2004 :stuck_out_tongue:

Site is up & running.


At least we learn to remember some old friends. :bigsmile:

I’m also glad codeguys site is back.

Double post. Please remove. :slight_smile:

I realize this is a number of months since the last post on this thread, but the site at seems to be down as well.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1150 with ND-6100 DVD and apparently TDB had a flash to the ND-6500 that would fix the issues I am having.

Anyone know where their site is now?

try here it’s not TDB but Liggy & Dee, I sure you’ll find what you need :wink:

Thanks. I see I have much to learn before I try anything. I don’t know how to locate the version of firmware currently installed, nor how to tell if what they have is newer etc. Oh, well, back to the learning curve :wink:

DVDInfoPro, DVDIdentifier and Nero “Get System Info” will show current drive and firmware.