The dance with Katrina

The dance with Katrina, part of her beauty as she left destruction on her exit, are remarkably dramatic.
Mississippi where the Hurricane made landfall

Great photos thanks for posting them

Wow, those photos are amazing! A mixture of beauty and horror! :eek:

I’ve seen a lot of wall clouds and super cells in the midwest USA but never anything like that :eek:

Looks kewl though thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!



I agree, they are awesome pictures and thanks for sharing them.

Beautiful pictures of nature indeed… but unfortunately this collection is an urban legend and not associated with hurricanes (neither Katrina nor her sisters).

For other work by the original photographer (Mike Hollingshead, who after all should get the credit), and explanation of similar legends, see here:

Those are amazing pics…thanks for sharing them with us, tjajm!

Edit: thanks for the info, imkidd.

Those are some serious supercells!

Yes - have a look here, for example, from 2004:

Edit: and here…

I’d like to see one of those storms live (from a safe distance of course!). I’ve always been fascinated by supercells and tornadic storms.

:bow: Thanks for both links managed to save all to read of line
I like to read the story behind all photos so interesting :slight_smile:

:iagree: :iagree: Love all movies like cant they bring a Good TWISTER back.

Outstanding photos!Congratulations!I trully admire your courage and your perception of nature and beauty!Magnificent!Congratulations again!

Those are some impressive pics!