The D2 play disc that wouldn't copy

Hi! I’ve spent all day trying to burn a backup copy of the Diablo 2 play disc. I downloaded CloneCD, checked both subchannels and fast skip boxes for reading; burn proof, don’t repair subchannel and close session for writing the image.

I have a Plextor PX-W1210TA model. It supports CloneCD RAW-DAO, but not RAW-SAO (or so says the program).

I already created a coaster, and since then I’ve been using CDRWs. But still no fuctional playdisc.

Am I doing something wrong? Help would be appreciated.

Thank you. They got a crack available.

I also own a 1210 and it can copy SD2 but only if you use the 1210 as reader, burner (duh!) and afterwords use the 1210 as reader again to play the game!

But you can also goto Gamecopyworld to get a NO-CD crack, as you’ve been told allready!