The current state of file sharing - reviews of p2p software



I just posted the article The current state of file sharing - reviews of p2p software.

Job used our newssubmit to point us to an article on InfoAnarchy. This article reviews several peer to peer appilications: Morpheus, WinMX, DirectConnect, Edonkey2000, Gnutella, FileTopia, Mojo…

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I have not read the article, but the best file sharing program for me so far has been WinMX and eDonkey2000.


What?? No Porn? The best way to get porn is to suscribe to a good news server. If yu try any of the file sharing progs it sucks. :slight_smile: Best for music if you don’t mind not having 128 kps mp then thats the best.


128 is good not ?


depends on your sound hw and your speakers. in my opinion 128 is shitty. my personal minimum is 192 but I also can hear the difference to 256. another important point is the encoder. e.g. the newer fhg with high quality setting above 192 distorts awfully :r


Audiognome(.com) seems the best to me.