The Crow. sometimes jumpy, why?

I’ve just backed up the original copy (several times on to several discs) of The Crow Brandon Lee on to Ritek and the same DVD Disc sometimes plays back jumpy and sometimes not?

I’ve tried extraction with DVD Decrypter and burning with RcordNow7 in Audio_TS Video_TS and ISO mode.

I’ve tried extracting with DVD Shrink both from hard drive and DVD Disc, burned with Nero 6, RecordNow7 Deluxe and DVD Decrypter.

Sometimes the same disc plays back jumpy when it likes, smooth when feels like it.

Sometimes the Village Roadshow logo will play jumpy on intro and that could mean smooth video…
If not its all rough from there.

Any clue about why this could be?

BTW Im using a multiformat multi region compatible JVC DVD player not the cheap.

Any light to the topic will be greatly apreciated.

Maybe your burn/media are of marginal quality.

Make a try with DVDShrink (ver. 3.2), enable burning with Nero and use only reliable -R media, like Taiyo Yuden, Fuji, Verbatim. Burn at a lower speed.
Let’s see the result.

Hello and thank you both.

Yes I am using shrink 3.2.

I will try using it with nero at lower burn speed.