The Crow, Collector's Series

I’m not sure if this has been covered before but I’m trying to back up my copy of The Crow. I’m using the latest version of anydvd on a windows xp pro system and my burner is a Plextor 755SA. The disk is clean and unscratched and works fine in my home entertainment center.

When I put The Crow into my drive the light flashes like it’s reading it and that’s pretty much all it does. I let it sit in the drive for several minutes and the drive light blinks a few times then pauses and blinks some more and that’s all it does. I haven’t had any problems like this with any other disk I own. If it’s any help I have autorun in windows disabled.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

tony7914 -

Instead of stating “I’m Using The Latest Version Of AnyDVD” it would be more informative to state exactly what Version Number of AnyDVD you are actually using because recently there have been numerous “Official” releases and “Beta” releases of the SlySoft AnyDVD software program.

Also provide the Name and Version Number of the DVD duplication software program you are using in conjunction with AnyDVD.


My bad :slight_smile: version number is also using the 1.06 firmware for the drive and my OS is currently up to date.

As for the back up software I’m using clonedvd mobile, clonedvd2, or Nero 7 ultra edition

Try the beta that’s out and see if that helps.

Thanks, I wonder if i’m being clear enough about the problem. Normaly when I put a dvd or cd in my computer anydvd pops up to let me know it sees it, this happens with every dvd or cd except The Crow. As I said before the disk is clean and undamaged and works fine in my RCA dvd player and my GE player. I need to know if there is some setting to try other than safe mode because that didn’t work either, or is this something new that slysoft needs to know about.

I believe the disc is mastered “badly” or “on the edge” of the specs, so you Plex simply won’t read it. If you can, try out a different drive. Or a different disc, if possible.

Thanks! I’ll try a different disk and see how that goes.