The crossflash 401S@811S was a success after all

I have made the crossflash 401S@811S using the Eeprom utility v.2.1.7. I have posted some scans in the New Crossflash Patch for 401S/411S@811S thread . At first the scans was really good but then I started to worry a bit because the scans seemed to become worse. After a while I started to wonder if I should flash back to 401S in the thread: Should I continue to use my 401S@811S or should I return to 401S

I have now made some new burns and I have discovered that the reason for the progressive deteriorated scans was fluctuating media quality in the same spindle of Verbatim Datalife Plus discs.

The 1st scan: Burned a really cheap media at 4X
The 2nd scan: Burned a Verbatim MCC002 at 8X (a complete failure at the end of the disc and when I looked closer at the media there were small areas at the end of the disc where the Burning layer was very faint (not grey))
The 3rd scan: Burned a MCC02 at 8X from a new Verbatim spindle

I have no problems playing the discs in my standalone and in several DVD-Roms (except from the disc in the the 2nd scan attachment here). So after all I think that the crossflash 401S@811S was a success after all.