The Cow Says



Well what does the cow say? I saw w00t!


Cannot think of anything creative to say about a cow that says w00t so take this!!!




If it could talk (and have some sense) it would scream “don’t eat me!”


Some would consider this a mooooooooooote point. Sorry, I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me?


I don’t think that “Excuse me” was one of the options in the poll, but then again, I guess you would know what you say.

(I think smiley ate some bad beef)


Of course the cow says “m(u^X+1)” where X is a number between 3 and 9 that determine the ammount of U’s to be in the mu.

But I voted w00t since cows rock. And ripit that smiley is puking on my screen!


blah/meh/argh…they only care about filling their 4 (or however many) stomachs…


91^(x-€) stomachs where X is a number between 0.999 and 1.


me so hungy :stuck_out_tongue:


Being from Wisconsin, I can tell you that cows are big dumb animals. They will stand there and let you tip them over with a good shove. They’re akward too, if you get in their way they will crush you against a fence, or they may kick you into next week if they are so inclined. So, I say that they can say anything they damn well please!!!


I’d go with Blah…they don’t seem to exciting…




Drink milk…


An add here in scotland caused outrage with some animal rights people.
It had a cow with the slogan “when im a burger i want to be washed down with iron brew”
I actually thought it was quite funny


Is this Mu the same as Josho’s retort when asked about the dog’s Buddha-nature? That has always been the supreme question I can see in the eyes of a cow. And yes I do see cows everyday. This question has plagued me since I lived in Wisconsin.


quit milking my titties dry they hurt


Many cows are seen in supermarkets.


hehehehe what another waste of server space