The cost of the 5005



I have had 4 5005s the last was just returned RMA.
All had problems reading, recording or preping disks after 6 to 10 weeks and the problems just got worse and worse over time. I have a stack of disks -R, -RW, +R, +RW that would not prep in the 5005s. Some of the disks could be used in my computers DVD writer OK, others can’t be used at all as the 5005 seems to have damaged them some way. I know DVD recorders-writers are media sensitive so I have tried many brands. I used Maxell -R for over 60 disks with no problem then they will not prep. DVD media prices have dropped this year, but I have a stack of DVD+RW that now may have be damaged by the 5005 and not usable at all. If I add up all the cost of the media now not usable it would equale the cost of the 5005. I would think that the % of units returned to LiteOn for service would force them to think “Lemon” and return a better product - but so far they just return the same product which ends up with the same problems over time. :rolleyes:
When working the unit is great (for the price), yes I wish for a stereo tuner, s-video front inputs, QTR, built in hacks… but it is very EZ to use. :wink:


I had the same problem but only after upgrading the drive firmware. It was working fine before but after, same problems as you. I stopped after 3 discs (TDK -R) would not initialize. All 3 are now useless as my PC said they are incomplete instead of empty. I did get the fuji discs to initalize but I got write failures after some time recording. So I sent the unit back via RMA. I’ll let you know what I get back. My advice to others is if your unit is working DON’T upgrade the drive firmware. You can safely upgrade the 5005 firmware (098 was the latest) because I had that working with the old drive firmware.