The cost and complications of DVD piracy prevention



I just posted the article The cost and complications of DVD piracy prevention.

Blackbeard used our newssubmit to point us to an article on In this article more information on the DVD protection needs, and why they don’t work. DVD should have been uncrackable,…

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So ppl will prolly have to get a new player to play the newly protected cd’s. that will piss ppl off for sure!


As usual they don’t learn, it seems that the smartest people are the ones out there cracking the protection not making it :slight_smile: as we see with each new copy protection come out, it is cracked, bypassed or broken :4 The big question is why do they bother? It seems pointless trying to put off the inevitable fact that it will be crack and accept that people who really want to copy something will find a way to do so…


Well, if you read about copy protection and its uses, it clearly states that it is used to deter ‘casual’ copying… Meaning 80% of the people that don’t have a clue about computers can’t copy it, thus making it a success. I agree I doubt there will ever be a ‘perfect’ solution to piracy, except 1 thing… Up the quality AND lower the price…