The Correct Way to Use the BitSetting Tool In DVDInfo Pro With NEC 2500A Drives?



I have been studying the bitsetting tool for the first time EVER.

and i think its great i have only tryed DVDRW+ DataSafe Media.

burned at MAX of 2.4 In Latest version of nero Burning ROM.

what i did was Changed the BookType from DVDRW media to DVD-ROM then i formated the DVDRW in DVDinfo Pro with the setting FAST AKA Quick

then i burned a movie and wow the diffrence in readability and speed of reading is great.

my questions are.

what is the correct way of useing BITSETTING.

example what programs use it apart from nero
also this media i have is rated for 4x and it does burn at 4x but changeing the bitsetting to DVDROM only allows me a max of 2.4 burn speed ???

also im useing herries 2.6 firmware. where can i get the 2.7-Beta6 or 7 firmware from in BIN form as i cant update via the windows firmware version as it says i have the wrong drive or cant find the settings. possibly due to the fact im useing a modded firmware in the first place.

and last question is whats the correct way or burning to DVDR+ media useing BITSETTING ? for some reason when i try it i get Power callibration error ???

could be due to the fact i cant format none formatable media to dvd-rom booksetting before writeing to it… hmmm

any help apreshiated and also latest herrie 2.7-beta7 or 6 in bin form cheers.


Hello ViRuS2k,

You are bitsetting properly.
For DVD+R all you need to do is set the booktype as DVD-ROM in DVDInfoPro and then burn. (no other options in Nero or any other app need to be messed with). I usually set the default DVD+R booktype to DVD-ROM, and then you don’t have to worry about setting it again.

For DVD+RW you need to do exactly what you already have done. :bigsmile: Change the DVDRW booktype to DVDRW, format, and then burn with your choice of burning apps. The only caveat is that if you burn with Nero, you have to perform an additional step of marking the checkbox in Nero for booktyping to DVD-ROM. This is only necessary with DVDRW media!

The BIN file for BETA6 is here:

Many people have reported power calibration errors when using Nero. I use RecordNow to burn and I have NEVER experienced this error! I suggest trying a different burning app! Most apps should work with DVDInfoPros’ bitsetting.


thankyou man.

much apreshiated for your outstanding help.
pm me if you get any firmware updates for this drive as im kinda busy if its ok with ya as i find it hard to keep track of everything hehe :slight_smile: ohh and also what has changed like a little log or something :stuck_out_tongue:

btw what has changed with the beta 6 ? is it any better than
herries 1.25 firmware ?

Also does this firmware come with rip speed unlocked and rpc1 ?
does it do G04 media at 8x ?

i use datasafe ritek 4x i would love to be able to do 6x or even better 8x ?

and also does this firmware fix the Datasafe DVD+RW 2.4 speed bug that i have and make it 4x litke the DVD+RW is branded for with DVDROM booktype ?

you seem like you know a lot about this and thankyou again for your help its been great.



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Read the thread:

cheers i will cheak it out :slight_smile: