The correct term for two layer DVD writing!

Not so much as harder to fill the pipelines, as harder to fill the pipelines when a jump/branch is encountered. The CPU takes a guess at the most likely result from Jump instruction (jumps = choice/function call/change of thread) and continues loading the pipeline with these instructions. However, if the choice goes the other way then the pipeline has to be cleared by executing the operations and discarding the results.

I think the P4 have a pipeline more than 12 instructions deep. Athlons have a pipeline less than 8 instructions deep. Hence the penalty of an incorrect guess is only 2/3 of the penalty of a P4.

Hyperthreading basically eliminates this problem by clearing the pipeline much faster and loading in the right instructions much faster.
Doesn’t seem that jumps happen alot, but how many proggies do you have running on your PC? Now how many drivers? Now how many background processes running? What about other proggies running behind Svchost.exe? (10/svchost present in task manager).
That’s alot of jumps.

Even something as simple as playin an MP3 has about 5 threads alone.

  1. Winamp Main Proggie
  2. File IO input
  3. Buffer thread
  4. Decoder
  5. Sound IO output.

The correct term is dual layer… Don’t you notice on the back of movie cases it says Dual Layer DVD-9!

A new technology is presented for nearly doubling the data storage capacity of DVD+R. A longer recording time and/or higher recording quality can be realized for video applications. For PC applications, higher storage capacities can be achieved.
Adding an additional storage layer, where both layers can be accessed from the same side of the disc, increases the storage capacity of a DVD+R disc from 4.7 Gbyte for a single-layer disc, to 8.5 Gbyte for a double-layer disc. The construction of a disc compatible with the double-layer DVD-ROM standard is feasible. Results on disc fabrication, recording and format verification are presented.
Double-layer DVD+R discs have been manufactured, showing good recording performance.

Double-layer DVD+R

Double layer DVD+R by Philips and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM)
Doubling the data storage capacity of recordable DVD to 8.5 Gbyte

Philips and MKM have developed a technology for single-sided double layer DVD+R recordable discs, which will nearly double the data storage capacity of DVD+R discs. Both layers of the disc are accessed from the same side, meaning there is no need to turn the disc over to take advantage of the additional capacity. Consumers will be able to record up to 8.5 Gbyte of data, up to 16 hours of video on a single double layer disc. The technology was demonstrated at CEATEC Japan in October of this year ( 2003 ) , the technical specifications and format book are expected before the end of the year and double layer DVD+R products are expect to reach the consumer market in 2004.

Don’t get this DVD+R9 format mixed up with pressed DVD’s. Pressed DVD’s are indeed called dual layer.
I think that DVD-R9 will also be called dual layer.
DVD+R9 will be called double layer. I think Pioneer or whoever is developing DVD-R9 trademarked the name, hence the +R group had to go with double.

When DVD-R9 (if ever) comes out we will start having to call them something different so we know which format is being talked about anyway.

In summary
DVD-9 (pressed DVD): Dual Layer
DVD-R9: Dual Layer - writable
DVD+R9: Double Layer - writable

Yes, but it has nothing to do with “two layer DVD writing”, which is the topic here.

Mistake. HT for Hyper-Threading, of course. :slight_smile: Been too long last time I used the term.

I should have said instead:

Intel’s Hyper-Threading is dual threading or double threading at the most.

Philips, or the DVDPlusRW group could have decided NOT to increase confusion just by going with the Dual Layer term. There had already been DVD-9 dual layer disks for years so recordable dual layer 8.5GB disks better be called DVD+/-R Dual Layer. But since it’s already decided to be double layer, what can we do?

And how do we call a 9 Gig DVD with StarForce 3 protection on it ? Mega Double Crusty Layer ? :slight_smile:

with sugar on top :bigsmile: