The Core - Region 1



When I ripped this with the latest DVD Decrypter I get a warning on my PC and standalone player about the region been wrong … But I did remove the RCE code (confirmed by IfoEdit). I tried opening each IFO file in IFOEDIT, Making Region Free and resaving … no difference.

No other film has this problem for me.

Any ideas?


Although the RCE might be gone within the vob files , there still can be some initial software residing in the first vob , which checks if your player is region 0.

I’ve never tested DVDDecrypter and i only have one RCE disc (X-Men 1.5 DTS Region 1) , but i know for sure SmartRipper doesn’t do the job. Perhaps DVDDecrypter/IfoEdit are lying as well ?

The latest DVDShrink beta says it removes RCE as well , perhaps worth the try.


It will only remove it if you make the disc the same region as the original (ie dont use region free as the setting)