The "cool" new face of the BSA

yo yo yo yo, ´sup the BSA r so cool :cool: , check out there rap video “play it safe in cyber space” , the cdfreaks homepage also has a article on there new “ferret” thing logo. watch the video HERE, oh and no the link isnt dead if it doesnt work immedietly, seems the BSA have never heard of codecs or good formats and are still stuck on .mpeg, so the video takes ages to download even on broadband. cant they use .wmv/.mov or something? :bigsmile: oh and it looks like it was a 4:3 video that they sqashed to 16:9 for some reason :sad: oh well enjoy bruvaz :cool:

Yo Yo word ! That has gotta be the wickest clip i have ever seen ! It completely rocks dude and the lyrics are perfect. Away and begone Cypress Hill , move over Beastie Boys , it’s the stupid kids from BSA and they rock your socks.
//end of sarcasm//

God that was bad. Really really bad. Time to annoy some friends with this clip :slight_smile:

yo, END OF PIRACY FULL STOP, the bsa have got it this time woth a rap and a ferret/weasel/skunk thing , i might post the lyrics if i can figure them out :)…