The conspiracy thread



I was in another forum and decided to create the conspiracy forum… put all of your conspiricy theroys here, and i will start;

The government has secretly been holding back information on reading dvds so they can suddenly unleash a whirlwind of court orders and arrests…


The head honchos of CD Freaks decided to screw the board up right after Sexy Southerner logged on because they can’t stand it when other people talk to her :iagree:


The coloured shell on skittles are actually a digestible RFID tag to the goverment can track the sweets and see if you share yours or eat them all yourself.
This was approved in US congress during late 80’s as a study shows that people who don’t share their skittles are actually communists :stuck_out_tongue:


Shell killed the people who invented a machine that can run on pure water.


Most dogs are Government spies. They understand and speak excellent English but pretend to their owners that they are dumb animals.

They listen to your every word and conversation. You bad mouth the Government, and it will be reported back to them. Ever wondered how?

Have you ever wondered why your telephone bill is so high even though you’ve been at your place of employment or school, working your bollocks off.

‘Man’s Best Friend’, I doubt it. :disagree: :disagree:


You mean like this…?

"The lead singer of Massive Attack has been emitting a high-pitched hum for the past seven years which is summoning the whale population of the world to the Thames. Within 15 years, it will be fully clogged with whale carcasses and these will act as a natural barrier against rising tides after the full onset of global warming.

London will become the last remaining dry bit of western Europe and, like Venice in the 1400s, will become a major, mercantile nation-state powerful enough to take on the might of China. A huge Cockney empire will expand westwards, absorbing Ireland and most of North America, with each member of Massive Attack designated a prince of one of the regions, apart from Andrew Vowles, who left because he disagreed with the artistic direction of the group."

More theories can be found at:,,1734197,00.html


What They Don’t Want You to Know
In order to understand Singing Nuns you need to realize that everything is controlled by a girl scout troop made up of red heads with help from left-handeders .

The conspiracy first started during the war of Northern Aggression inthe bedroom. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including discovering America.

Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by nail biting.

They want to push Jesse Jackson and imprison resisters in sewers using mass transit.

In order to prepare for this, we all must hide. Since the media is controlled by Bill Clinton we should get our information from Ralph Nader.


I think Philip Morris is secretly making red M&Ms so everyone that quits smoking and eats more chocolate will still get cancer and die anyway.


Captain Kirk is a real person and William Shatner is impersonating him!!! The USS Enterprise really exists and is a refugee from the future where it was attacked by Klingons in cahoots with the Paramount republic. Currently the Enterprise is masquerading as a US navy aircraft carrier… true!!! (Help!!! Where did I put that Effexor and Mogadon!!!) :slight_smile:


Wouldnt they be very capitalist?


haveacigar is in league with the little people!!! Check it out, he posted in the same thread as me
do you see what happend after he posted
That was only the begining of it though
Its the little people, they are going to take us over…
I have to wonder, is haveacigar one of them???
He posted in that thread. I posted thread. He posted in this thread. Now I posted in this thread. Both threads mention little people (I just mentioned it).
Coinsidence, I think not. Two threads that he posted in, and both mention little people? You know they are in every device in your house!!! How do you think your electronics run!!! Are they magic? Yea right, you can take a plastic disk and make pictures on a glass screen from them… I don’t think so. It’s the little people inside, and there are some very dangerious ones (see other thread). I’m really scared, I think that haveacigar might be one of the little people…


Not according to US congress…


The Government had JFK killed. Heres a bit of proof. JFK was killed by a bullet that entered through the front of his head. The alleged killer was behind him when he was shot. Interesting, once-in-a-million-years ricoche?Or Government assassination?


Wow, heavvvvvvvvvvy man, take a smoke :eek:


Nostradumbass really had a marvellous imagination. He managed to word his quatrains so they could fool people that vague ramblings actually reflected on future events. Funny he never predicted that there would ever be free beer tomorrow.


That governments and the people who work for them are actually competent and intelligent enough to actually carryout and keep secret the things that conspiracy theorists maintain they do!!!


Heres another one.

I forgot the mans name, but a while back there was a reporter out west who exposed a cocaine drug ring within the C.I.A. He was found a few months later in his home, shot dead. The police ruled it a suicide since he owned the handgun used and no other fingerprints were to be found, plus there was no sign of breaking and entering, or robbery. There was only one problem. There were two bulletholes. I dont see how you could shoot yourself twice in the back of the head with a .38 Special revolver(that was what was used). EXTREMELY SLIM chance of surviving the first round and being able to lift his hand to the back of his head and fire again, or government coverup?You decide which one for yourself.