The computer restarts itself without playing the dvd on either of the drives

ok, I have just put in a LG dvd burner, I already have installed a Benq burner. My OS is windows 2000 pro. My problem is, that when I put in a dvd in either drive, the computer restarts itself without playing the dvd on either of the drives. I have tried burnig with both of them and that works however? I can also copy a dvd to each other? I just can not watch a dvd on either of them without the computer restarting itself? I am using nero7?

any help would be great, thanks in advance.

sorry ,my bad, I use powerdvd which came with the burner to watch.

Uninstall it and all similar tools, then restart.

Try again with VLC tool.

I’ll try, have unistalled everything, I just tried with only 1 dvd player attached and computer restarted on its own again?, will not play any dvds?

holy crap nothing I try will work, any program I put in now the computer bogs down, will not play dvds, or shuts computer down and restarts???

Check the jumpers on the back of your burners. The one that is connected to the end of the IDE cable should be set to Master. The one connected to the middle of the IDE cable should be set to Slave.

I have done that, thanks, I don’t get it, I have tried VLC, powerdvd, avs, the msi stuff that came with my M/B. nothing, have tried both dvd players together, seperatly, nothing is working. This has me so confused, any help would be great. 1 other thing, they still are both able to burn dvds???, just will not play them, factory or burned???

computer restart itself???

it’s memory problem. Did you install any memory recently?? 2-6 months or more?

well, that’s one possible suspect.

Hi pal
Had the exact same problem went crazy tring to figure it out, even had microsoft on it… finally thoght i would try one more thing and it fixed it… The power supply…runs great now.