The Codeguys Rock!

Many thanks to the codeguys. I hope other readers can benefit from my positive codeguys experience which I’ll summarise here:

Product: Liteon LDW-851SX External USB2 DVD+/-R&RW Drive. With Official Liteon GS0H Firmware.
Problem: DVD Backup yielding jittery video, and unplayability on my portable Venturer 7" TFT DVD and Yamada Home DVD player. (I use DVD Shrink and Nero6 - but this is not a software problem).

In step the Codeguys. Using Code ported from the 812S Drive they created a hacked FW named GSC2. In addition to that, it’s customisable using their tool omnipatcher (Refer to :

Result: Perfect burns, no frisbees and wide ranging compatiability with DVD players, including my own.

If I can add one final software point: DVD Shrink is the best ripper around but I’ve had poor burn results with it. Write your VOBs to disk but burn them with Nero. :cool:

DVD Shrink uses Nero for burning. :rolleyes: