The Cloner: Who's behind it, and is it that bad?

I just posted the article The Cloner: Who’s behind it, and is it that bad ?.

It’s new and it hasn’t had very good comments by our users the last times we posted about it: TheCloner and SubSonic Reader. But after the last version I found some pretty good comments from people…

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visual basic, bleh :r …and did you ever look at the GUI, it’s horrible :4

Stephano (Horrorsoft) seems like a nice guy, but he still needs to make the program freeware for now. By going freeware, he can build up his user base, work out all the kinks, add more features then sell a PRO version that would include more features. As it stands now, there is no reason to even bother installing the application especially when you only get limited use. Bottom line: The software isn’t ready for primetime and selling it at this point in time is like shooting himself in the foot. CLONECD is where it’s at!

Well I have been beta testing for this guy, and you can read my comments in the post for the v3.0.3 release.:4 Its not all doom and gloom, it copied a psx game on auto settings, ok it didnt write the boot sector so it would work on an unmodified PSX, but it still worked on a modded PSX. This program is in it early stages, and I will do a test with a game called Operation Flashback which is SD2 protected. I will start it now almost 11pm GMT and I will post the results in the morning. Greets from The Diplomat :8

MisterE. Well, just because a program is written in VB doesn’t make it bad. Just look at Perfect Copy, it was/is a very nice help to all those people who wants to find out which kind of copyprotection it has…

yes, but a tool is something different than a burning software. VB apps are not a real compiled exe files, they are sort of a script (line by line compiled) they are slow, and don’t have good error protection). with other words: DELPHI RULEZZZ :8

Well, Delphi is Pascal language and Visual Basic is Basic language. Both Delphi and Basic is an interpretet langauge and is both having the same problems… SPEED. To say weather Delphi or Basic is better, is more a religios question. So if U wanna do something about speed go right to C++. thats what i did.

oops, your SO Wrong :slight_smile: Delphi is a real compiler, almost as fast a c. update your knowledge…

So MisterE, you are basically telling Zyron to FLASH his BIOS. :4

nope, i just must correct his misundestanding about Delphi. Lots of people think that delphi is a ‘toy’ language like VB, it is’nt… greetz,