The Cloner version 3.0.4 ready for download

I just posted the article The Cloner version 3.0.4 ready for download.

Stefano, the author of the Cloner mailed me that The Cloner version 3.0.4 is ready for download and has the following changes:

Minor bugs fixed.

Some users reported me of they are…

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Shame I can’t access the webpage :frowning: I have been too the page you posted, but it says uploading, so no download link available as of yet. Greets from The Diplomat :8

It seems the webpage has some problems indeed, try:

Ok, i just uploaded the version 3.0.4 right now. I’m sorry but the HorrorSoft site is unavailable. Please download it at :wink:

Well Ollie you better get yah ass in gear, cus @ the moment your software sucks big time compared too the new automatic cloner 3.04, you don’t need too p**s about with Clony to send the right parameters to your program, too make it work. :4 Do you not think its about time you implemented an auto protection scan, and then let your program pick the approriate settings for making a 1:1 copy. I have seen no improvement in your program, sorry mate, ure out of date Cloner is kicking your sorry ass, get it sorted, or leave the scene, TAKE THAT AS YOU WILL, CLONES DAYS ARE NUMBERED UNLESS YOU CAN PRODUCE SOMETHING RADICAL PRETTY DAMM QUICK, GET MY DRIFT? Be a shame too see you drift away into the dust :c Greets From The Diplomat :8 Always remember there is someone out there better than the best :d No offence intended too anyone, just wish Ollie would sort his program out, and give us a better program than the Cloner :wink: Its not going too happen, we just get clonecd with bug fixes all the bloody time, a waste of a good program if u want the truth, it hurts don’t it, someone had too tell you. YOU HAVE A COMPETITOR :8