The Cloner version 3.0.3 available

I just posted the article The Cloner version 3.0.3 available.

Coldfreezer used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version The Cloner has been released:

The Cloner v 3.0.3

A new diamant-strong engine.

Fully automated settings to use…

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I have done my testing of this program in the previous release, and here is the results :4 It will backup a PSX game just like ClonedCD, and it will work in a chipped PSX. As the author claimed it would be able to write the PSX boot sector so the games would work on PSX without a chip, is untrue being very polite. You are still going too need a chip in your PSX to play the backup games. I rest my case! Greets from the Diplomat :8

Are you sure of i have say this? :wink: Stefano Camaiani The creator of TheCloneR

Well, my Playstation’s backups works very well. I’m going right now to play! :wink: Stefano Camaiani The creator of TheCloneR Download TheCloneR 3.0.3 at:

Well, dear Interceptor i like very much of you are hard testing my software then i want to post this help message to new users wich want to test TheCloneR: Well, TheCloneR is an awesome tool wich is able to read and write sectors in RAW mode. It is also able to bypass any type of reading errors and it’s able to write protections on the new created disk. Warning:Writing and reading in RAW mode is not supported by all devices. Warning:Ignore read errors is not supported by all devices. The engine of TheCloneR is unstoppable in no way only if you use a good hardware. Stefano Camaiani The creator of TheCloneR Please Interceptore i like really much for your support by testing TheCloneR 3.0.3 then i send to you my really THANKS. I will be very happy if you should continue with testing it and please let me know your results at or directly to

Why does the installer want to access the internet and why does it need to replace DLL’s? :r

This new version 3.0.3 no longer detects my IDE or SCSI devices, it says scanning for hardware and bombs out with a dos error :frowning: I have intalled the aspi layer but it makes no difference! The previous release picked up both my Plextor drives, and my IDE Pioneer DVD( I know this device supports jack)I have uninstalled it until u release a new version that will work ok! I dont want too mess my CloneCD, Nero up too :frowning: Greets from the Diplomat! p.s. I know u r trying your best, and it is a nice friendly program, with good interface made clear for newbies :slight_smile: Please fix the errors as I can no longer test the program :frowning:

bla…bla…bla… this prog SUCK!!! :r

Maybe HORRORSOFT should consider releasing the software as freeware for awhile so that people can test it and give feedback for improvements. Nobody is even going to test or bother using an extremely buggy software if there is one on the market already that works fine.

Dear users, this is a special password able to unlock the program to make 5 burns in unrestricted mode: “GameCopyWorld” I’m only one programmer then i have really few time to test ThCloneR. If you will do this i will be very happy and i will thanks you really much. Stefano Camaiani :slight_smile:

Pleas don’t call my software a “Buggy Software” because i have no bugs at this time. I’m able to clone about all cd-roms with it installed my computer. I have installed it in WinME and WinXP and really i have no problems. If you have problems maybe of your Hardwares maybe not supported by TheCloneR. Stefano Camaiani

I had a major system crash today with windows XP and had too do a fresh install without losing the stuff stored in documents and settings, 5 years worth of favs etc. :4 Anyhow after spending 12hrs+ I have now got a perfect working system, and your Cloner picked up all my drives :slight_smile: So I am going to see if it will produce a perfect working copy of Operation Flashpoint SD2 protected, using the autosettings! If it works, then you have one awesome program, we will no longer need CloneCD and maybe not the lastest version of Betablocker if you can find away of being able too duplicate the new SD2 protection that will work! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: Greetz From The Diplomat :8 p.s. me gonna make an image of me main drive onto another drive :slight_smile: Too help the author more I have posted a thread in the CDFreaks Forum, he deserves more credit than most of you are giving him.