The Cloner... ehh... DiabloLabs Replicator 4.0.3 available

I just posted the article The Cloner… ehh… DiabloLabs Replicator 4.0.3 available.

Stefano, previously the author from The Cloner, used our newssubmit to tell us about DiabloLabs Replicator (?). Version 4.0.3 would now be available for download at their homepage. Let’s take a…

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This software rules. I goto burn a CD and I have no supported devices. So I guess that the Liteon 24102B is not a big enough name brand burner to be supported.

changing the name does not make the software any better. the programme has been renamed three times by now, but the prog itself is crap. btw, the previous version (cloner) used to destroy some computers (OS crashed during the boot process), so beware what you install or make at least a restore point in win xp before you install.

Is this program anything special meaning is it any better than other 1:1 CD copy programs like CloneCD or is it just another program with the same function as CloneCD??

bury this software. It is useless. Tried it with renegade with my lite-on 48 speed which eats safedisk 2.51. I had to cancel it as i did not have a spare full day. :frowning:

Sorry Guys, this is very old news, I received this program by e-mail 2 weeks back, and posted comments on the forum, it doesn’t work with My WindowsXP Pro, keeps saying ASPI Layer not installed, bolluxs to that as I have 4.71 installed and all other burning software works fine! :wink: Greetz from the Diplomat:)

piece of chizzzzznat!!! clonecd is still the best

$55 for this software!!! I don’t think it is worth it.

clone cd is the best, this crap is not worth it