The Cleaner - Problems burning


I’m trying to burn a copy of the movie “The Cleaner”.
Can someone help please ???

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What programs are you using to overcome the copy protections on the original?

Dvd Shrink and any dvd

Also tried dvd fab decrypter.

Nothing works

OK I’ll move this thread to the Copy DVD Movie forum, where you might get more specific help.

Edit: Done :slight_smile:

Thanks bro, does that mean that you can’t help me

There are others that know more about individual films than me… but using the search facility shows this post:


Update your AnyDvd first, then try again. Yours is a year out-of-date

Also, pay attention to the film critics

Beautiful Photography, Boring Plot and a Poor Ending :stuck_out_tongue:

You can take a look at this :

The DVDID was giving some software a little problem.


DVDFAB Platinum went through this like a hot knife through butter so if you have the latest version of fab Decrypter it should work (

I had sucess using any dvd 64.3.2 and dvd shrink…good luck