The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (DVD)

Hi kalas, I just got this DVD today, along with some other games. I don’t see a place in alcohol to set this up for a Securom 2/3 image read. I’m using a BenQ1640.

I know that when a CD-RW drive, a drop-down menu is visible and I can choose which copy protection to read, but with my DVD RW drive there is no such drop-down. Can I you give me a little help here?

I have run several searches but I see no guide for backup up the DVD edition.

Hi Wedge, there aren’t any profiles for DVDs in Alcohol simply enable Data Postion Measurement for dumping the image and when burning include RMPS. When you’re done enable RMPS emulation in Alcohol settings, good luck.

p.s. Maybe a mod can split these posts to the proper forum.