The choice: to solder or try reverse ATA for unrecognised drives



it has been my experience using numerous nec dvd/writers exclusively in toshiba laptop computers, none of which successfully recognised the drive at boot up i was left with 2 choices.

either ATA reverse flash using liggys method or solder a connection between pins 45 and 47.

i have considerable experience with computers. flashing, writing machine code, programing as welll as the physical aspects of dismantling and restoration and repair.

it is my own personal opinion the easiest and safest method to get these dvd writiers to install properly is to solder…but NOT the drive.

solder the pins on the interface adapter which connects the computer to the drive.

using this method ensures the warranty for the dvd remains intact and homebased flashing is limited or not done.

soldering the adapter is much easier than the drive and if you screw it up you can always get another one fairly inexpensively on ebay by buying and old basic cd rom complete with caddy suitable for your particuliar machine. ebay usually sells these cheap as no one wants them any more. you can always throw away the drive and keep the caddies and adapters which always come in handy.

i have seen more bad flashes than i care to remember. it is an inherently dangerous undertaking.


soldering unlike flashing can be undone if it goes awry

anyway just my opinion

see my previous posts for pictures of the soldered adapter.


nicely put, I hadn’t thought of it that way, I have a satellite pro 6100 and recently did a temp jumper and then flashed with the appropiate toshiba direct flasher for that drive. For my next drive I will definately consider your approach as the best option. any recomendations on current dvd burners(nec or otherwise) for my laptop.


i prefer nec dvd drives.
they have beenmanking them for others to a long time and now market for thermselves.
the electronics are good, the mechanicals are solid and th firmware is upgradeable in contrast to stuff made by teac which i have always found problematic.

i burn lottsa dvd’s in all formats and have concluded simplicity is best. nec offers a lightweight drive, simple to use, easy to flash upgrade if you’re up to it…some here shouldn’t even try, based upon the ignorant and sad bleats i read from those who… just cause they can… think they should…and expect it to work!



i had several 6500a now all gone to the elephants graveyard… from fatigue…not poor constrction…

these drives, in fact any drive can only read and write so much before it gives up the ghost.

curently i use ONLY nec nd-6750a dvd writers…all with tweaked (see above) interface adapters, running in tecra notebooks…8000 (yes can you believe it), 8200 x2, 9100 x2 and an S1.

all have been upgraded to liggys firmware…

2.01 …05111700BT-Liggy

no region lock and riplocked

the 6750a is great writer…light, fast, almost never burns coasters…using either nero or nero 7 …and only taiyo yuden DVD-R dvd’s.

i have used other dvd’s but now wil only use taiyo yuden… any speed…value line or first runs… doesn’t make any difference to me as both are troublefree


question, i’m new to this site. i just brought a toshiba a105-s2091 laptop from best buy. i want to replace the dvd/cr combo. which slimline dvd burner will work with this? if you can be specific with answer i would really appreciated. i’m new to laptops. thanks


try something, when your computer is off, look at the underside and there is a slider towards the drive side, there might be two, the other would be the battery latch. Anyways you can do it turned on but its easier to explain and less detailed if its off. ok you move the latch/slider towards the unlocking side and reach under the drive and pull it out. on the topside you will see a label, from that you should find model, firmware, and where the pin diagram is, either the letters M/S or CSEL. thats the start, as soon as you get that info you should post that and any other possible info that you may have found in google, ebay, etc. that will probably get you the best answers.


go here and click on go and the choose the spec sheets for this particuliar model.



it appears from the toshiba spec sheet for your machine the drive is FIXED. meaning, you’re outta luck to swap it for something else.