The CHIP Is A $9 Computer That Can Almost Do It All



Thought I’d share this, don’t know how submitting a story/article works but if someone wants to take this go for it.


Well that looks cool for certain uses, and dirt cheap with great specs for the price.
Might make a great uber mini HTPC or like that if something useful can support it:clap:


This web page linked in the first one shows the pricing structure & shipping dates.

They didn’t have the package I would want put together.
If they did it would be $44.00 US . (Plus whatever shipping & handling they charge.
I couldn’t find that.) So still probably a good deal .
Or $93.00 if you also want the Pocket Chip .
I wouldn’t need the Pocket Chip but I would like some kind of case for the chip instead of the circuit boards being exposed like they appear to be. That includes for the VGA & HDMI adapters.

The shipping dates are fairly far advanced also.


I really like this project, but i also have two major reasons why i won’t buy it. The A13 cpu is horribly slow and the shipping costs are incredible.