The certainties in life are



What are the certainties in life?

Choose, or suggest your own, or both :slight_smile:


Porn is good and religions suck. :iagree:

Ow and purple dildo’s rule the universe. :smiley:


Terrorism never wins

Hard work pays off eventually; laziness pays off immediately


Da Taxman cometh :slight_smile:


You will never see everybody you have met again.


Love the first 2 ones :smiley:

Nothing’s sure in life, except death and taxes.-- Benjamin Franklin


Finding out about oneself is a long process
Bad habits DO die hard
Finding a woman that’s right for you (a man) is not easy and usually a long process
Those selling something today certainly aren’t honest
If something’s too good to be true, it likely is just that
Honesty is in short supply
There are fewer and fewer good places to work at
People will generally get what they can for themselves; few today care about their fellow man’s plight
It’s ‘in vogue’ to ignore a problem, blame someone else for it, or otherwise dodge responsibility for fixing it when one created it in the first place
More people today ‘expect’ something without working for it first
It’s a necessity to check out everything people say, things you’re interesting in buying…everything basically (if you want to reduce your chance of getting burned). :frowning:
Civility is in short supply; if you don’t like them, standard practice is to slander them or otherwise try to damage their reputation–rather than trying to find common ground and working out the disagreements


You never forget the first time you have sex.
You’ll spend most of you life wishing you could forget the first time, because the first time is usually crap.


Ah yes Dee the things we never forget. :doh:


I demand to know which two other persons at this board also wears underwear on their head!


I know I know… :bigsmile:


According to the definitions of terrorism I found on I can see many instances in the history of this world where Terrorism has won.


Death is certain…

Love and heartbreak …are both certain…

and WE are ALONE in this universe…is soooo spot on…


Seems that way, but its not really a question we can answer with certainty is it?
Certainty = Networks will always need Administrators


I checked the first three.


What about E=MC^2? I’m thinking thats a certainty.


No discussion - Life is ugly and so is Debro’s Avatar! :eek:


“Death and Taxes? Death and Taxes? What an odd pairing.”
– Joe in Meet Joe Black


How ever did they manage before Einstein? :smiley:



I for one wouldn’t take solace in the words of someone that flies kites during a thunderstorm :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised he wasn’t at the top of a hill, wearing copper armour & yelling “ALL GODS ARE BASTARDS!” instead.:iagree: