The CDR-ROM, hybrid CD-R/CD-ROM disc - but there's a catch

I just posted the article The CDR-ROM, hybrid CD-R/CD-ROM disc - but there’s a catch.

Altough DVD is currently rapidly taking over the market, still CD related technologies are developed. Optical-Disc has today announced the availability of a new product called the CDR-ROM. This…

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I don’t understand what’s the use of this technology. I think its just a fancy item. that’s all.

What is the point of this?

If you read the news posting carefully, which you of course did you could read:

CD-ROMs fingerprinted to individual PCs, individually licensed CD-ROMs
They now can developed software that could create a key based on the hardware of your computer when you start it for the first time. Then write this key to the CD-R, finalize it, and require this key to be on the CD every time you want to use it (so you can only use it on one PC).

That would be one hell of a protection - but the catch being, if you don’t put it in a cd-writer, how could the key be written? :4 So that kind of protection would never be used.

It could be, as CD-RW drives are currently in almost every new PC. I don’t think it will be used for e.g popular games, but it could be used for e.g expensive CAD software.

Um… CD-RW with ATIP spoofer or EXE crack?

Maybe a fake cd-r writing wrapper! :4

Well, let’s suppose I buy a product recorded on this special disc…what about if I have at some point to change my PC cause I have to upgrade it or something else…have I to buy the product which is recorder on this special disc another time in order to use it on my NEW computer? I think this technology is useless :r

agreed… if they really wanted to do this they could have done it ages ago by using a multisession cd-r, surely?

If this technology does rely on certain computer hardware, then it wouldn’t be suitable for me or most of the people I know. Most experienced PC users upgrade component by component, e.g. Hard drive one month, memory next month, CD-Recorder upgrade later and someday a new motherboard and repeat the cycle. This way the PC is always up todate and I never half to fork out for a brand new computer.