The CDFreaks Troll!

After Stoner left, what seems like a long time ago, CDFreaks has been without a troll to:
; Feed noobs with almost true information that insures noobs remain exactly that.
; Create new threads / Post rediculous posts which are provocative & practically flame-bait.
; Generally spread misinformation, wreak havoc, & set CDFreaks members upon eachother like starved chihuahuahuahuahuahuas (how do you stop spelling that?) on a pork chop!

Who will step forward and present themselves, to accept the spiky Club & proclaim loudly … “I am a troll”!

:iagree:C’mon, Clubs up … :iagree:

I could do that, but Airhead is way better in spreading nonsense :slight_smile:

Airheads style is more to replace teeth with chocolate gold coins, rather than real money … no we need someone more unpleasant, someone that secretly delights in the misery of others … and really doesn’t care :wink:

I’d suggest a cat … but since I’ve changed avatars … I can’t do it :wink:

Hmm…, I’ve someone in mind, but he’s not active at the moment…

ooh ooh pick me

Fartman ------->>> Passes first & Second round interviews & goes directly to Shortlist.


Though I’ve seen the word hundreds of times, I still don’t understand why it has to be said so often on the web, but then it’s your site, not mine (I mean without much cultural common ground.)

Is Stoner gone, by the way? :slight_smile:

yeah he left a long time ago.

That would be the coolest non-paying job.

I’m like that in real life too… hahaha.

YOu are doing a nice job yourself :wink:

practice then, how do you reply:

helo where can i download games and xxx free coz kazaa is slow. i downloaded a game on kazaa but it didnt work. i put crack in but it didnt work. help me pelease.

You want me to reply to that, reply as if it was a serious post? :bigsmile:

oh it sounded serious you know how those lil kids are…

DO IT!!! :bigsmile:

its troll practise :rolleyes:

but feel free to respond how you like…


oh no im banned


oh you were PRACTICING…it sounded soooo real Ben Great job!

Hmmm, Im not all that excellent in the nonsense spreading, but I do secretly delight in the misery of others and hate the general population of earth.