The CDFreaks Living Room Crisp Flavour Poll

The Crisp.

Pick your flavour. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, for a quick way to a heart attack choose thy flavour.

I nicked, I mean borrowed the below text from a webpage called bubblegun.

Generally speaking, being British (and, more specifically, English) is rubbish. Fact is, everyone hates us. Not a great surprise give that, at one time or another, the British Empire has pissed in the dinner of every nation on the planet, be it America, Australia, India, Africa, Ireland… well, we could go on, but bottom line is; we’re the most hated race on Earth. With the exception of our shining ambassadors of British culture such as Geri Halliwell, Mr Bean and Benny Hill, there can be few foreigners who wouldn’t consider the world a better place without us. But, frankly, the joke’s on them. Britain has something that they’ll never have. Something that sets us apart from Johnny Foreigner. It’s something that he’ll never understand, nor get his hands on: the potato crisp.

For the none British, The Crisp = Chips.

I like sour cream and onion for potato based chips, and Ranch for Doritos, or corn based chips.

i don’t like the corn based ones, oh and if you come across some smiths/lays/walkers (same brand) sensations, they’re really good, not just the herbs and stuff but the potatoes, the oil it has been fried in etc. so their really alot better.

Give me Samboys BBQ anyday, but failing that, Smiths Salt & Vinegar is good too :wink:

Sour cream und onion is nice. And even if I am ashamed to admit it, I like Pringles.
Stop hitting me! Ouch.

Pickled Onion Mmmmmmm.
Only Walkers will do.

Smack smack smack. Hand over your Pringles, they are mine.

Now now. Play nice.

Smiths salted…yummmmmmm

It has to be Skips and Hola hoops everytimes though Mccoys are becoming a constant part of my lunch break.

Lays Natural or Paprika including some stupid plastic toy , nicely folded so you can choke to death in a painful way.

That are Yugio Chaps (or something like that :confused: ) I think no one (except the makers of it) really know what to do with it… :confused:

Btw, My favourite is Pringles - Latin Pepper
But I don’t see him anywhere :sad:

And another btw:p… WTF is marmite??

it’s a paste that kinda tastes like maggi in holland,
it’s eaten a lot in the UK

:Z I REALLY don’t understand why people like maggi (or marmite) It’s really discusting :Z

good in veggie soup

Mwah… I still don’t like it in soup:p

/me wonders where the Cheddar and Sourcream option is :confused:
Best chip flavor out there!

I put a request in the Longest Thread for ideas and got about two which got included. You lot had your chance to get your ideas in.

Don’t go sulking about it now.:iagree:

What?! No Vegemite flavoured option? :Z

I didn’t know what “crisps” were so I chose beef. Oops. I would have put sour cream and onion. Do they even make beef flavored chips? :Z I wonder if they are Atkins friendly…hehe.