The CdFreaks family!

If CdFreaks members were all family of eachother, what particular role would everyone have/like to have?


Dee-27 : mother or landlady
Domin8tor : owner of the house (the big daddy?)
Dee-Ehn : not-fully grown up linux nerd brother
Mr. Belvedere : annoying smart assed nephew
Bcn : gullible teenager son

Gil = the pervert son.
Norty = the girl next door. :slight_smile:

gullible? wow i dint know i was :wink:


CaLL mE PiMP Daddy YeaH BabY!

I 0wNz ThA PlaCe (shut up MP|3 :wink: )

did mp|3 say anything :confused:

Course he did, Domi said so :slight_smile:
*** hopes she’s to young to be anyones mum in here :p***

kwkard = the silent lurker who occasionally goes on horrific posting sprees!

It would be biological impossible for you to be my mum…but in theory you could be bcn’s… :wink:

i assure you she isnt, well, maybe she is, but i dont live in scotland, well maybe my “supposed” mum stole me from dee-27 :wink:

BadReligionPR: Forgotten relative who’s been shut in a home and doesn’t get any letters :sad:

i was just gonna say that :wink:

i would be an agony aunt …and anyones mummy if they would let me :slight_smile:
(or in Gils case the girl next door :iagree: )

Make that “the cute/sexy/smart/funny/beautiful/sexy/intelligent/witty girl next door” :slight_smile:

I propably would be the black sheep of the fam.

…umm… crappers, I have no friggin idea who I would be… keeps thinking 'bout it

Biscuits anyone?

Debro: The Moral Jester.

Consider me the uncle that pops in every now and then, tells everybody what to do and then leaves again.

can somebody be my cdfreaks mum?