The CDFreakers Bean Of Choice Poll

Beans Beans everywhere but which one to pick?

Beans are important. There are everywhere but which one is the best? Which deserves Respect.

Look carefully, choose wisely which one is to be the king of the Beans. To be forever known as “The CDFreakers Bean Of Choice”.

Coffee bean.


Baked beans, for breakfast.

(english people are weird man, worse than canada eh)

You mean w/ Mexican food? Well, I always go w/ Black Beans. Pintos are ok. Refried looks like what a cat would poo out if it has diarrhea. No thanks.

mmm chili

BBQ baked beans are the BEST. Nothing better, except maybe the honey BBQ beans. mmmm… (drools)


Indeed. I’d die without my coffee. Although, to eat I always have wax beans but they aren’t on the list!!! :a

I didn’t think it was possible… but here we are eh.

I wonder how many people really end every sentence with eh in canada.

Not that many. But I do catch myself using it once in awhile.
It’s like any stereotype, it has to be over exaggerated eh.

Just like we live in Igloos… lol… Though, with the temperature supposed to be 39 C (102F) toady, its a good thing we dont live in Igloos. LOL…

Chilli beans :bigsmile:

Well it lokos like Chilli is the run away winner.

I can’t beileve only I have voted for Cocoa which as everyone knows is what chocolate is made out of.

Man, that’s just nasty, chilli beans and explosure diarrhea go hand in hand. /me puts on gas mask.

But pure cocoa is really:Z…!
And I don’t mean pure chocolate 'cause that’s really nice :bigsmile: