The Cd Freaks Story

Well right now I am very bored so I came up with an idea. I was looking at the worlds longest thread and thought it wolud have been good if at the beginning someone suggested that it was made into a book. It could just be another of my crappy ideas… but give it a go anyway…

A few rules

You have to read from the beginning to add to the next part of the story. We dont want parts to be repeated (unless its some kind of flashback)

No sexually suggestive material (a little inuendo is ok… as long as it would go over the heads of minors)

No bringing in characters only to kill them in the next line… If your going to bring in a character at least wait until two pages have gone past before killing them off.

And thats about it… its like a big game of consequenses… if it gets good enough ill add it to my website (
Anyway enjoy :wink:

i believe this has already been done…

well i was more thinking along the lines of writing a paragraph each