The CD Freaks Offline Help Release 1 (Download Links Updated)

Welcome To The CD Freaks Offline Help.

Release 1

This is a multi-purpose guide to hopefully provide newbies with a nice starting point into the world of creating backups or more experienced people with a nice reference point to go to. All in all this guide has something like 165 pages in it.

The guide was mostly written by me, but have had great contributions with guides by Kalas, Womble and Chriso who made the guides in their own time just for this guide. Other contributors have been Razor1982, R!Co, KitnaIsntHappy, Mr. Belvedere, Johnboywalton and any others i’ve missed out on. Thanks alot you guys.

At the moment this guide is mostly based on CD aspects of things, but it also has a DVD backup tutorial by Chriso in there.


What made you decide to make this guide?

I guess it was because when i started getting into the whole shibang there wasn’t really any good foothold for a starting point. So after I finally started to understand what it all was about, I began to make a short guide about it. And I just kept adding and improving to it. :slight_smile:

What does it mean this guide is ‘Offline’.

I have made this guide so it can be accessed without the need for an active internet connection. All you will need an internet connection for is for accessing all the reccommended programs/files. That is why this is quite a large download - because everything is all in a single, compressed .chm file.

How do I unzip it?

This is a .rar file so you will need to download WinRAR (Shareware) or 7-Zip (Free) to view it’s contents.

If anyone has any questions/suggestions/corrections you can PM me, add me on any instant messaging services (the ones I have are under my Username).

You can download this guide HERE(.rar) -or- HERE(.zip).

Thanks a million to Matt and bcn_246 for hosting this file at the moment.

Please note - Both these mirrors may run out of bandwidth. If they do, please try again. Thank you for your patience and I will get some more very soon.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

$CyBeRwIz$ :smiley:

The two download links for the CD Freaks Offline Help have been updated, those who were having problems downloading it should now be able to do so.
Use the links in the post above.