The CD celebrates its 30th anniversary - cdfreaks must read!

The CD celebrates its 30th anniversary - cdfreaks must read!.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The CD celebrates its 30th anniversary, read on for some history...

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It wasn’t until the middle 1980s that players actually became affordable… 1986-87-88…
Now cd players for audio are but a footnote in history… The transition of cd audio jumped from CDDA audio to mp3 audio being readbac on CDRs… then the jump to hard drives & flash media in the span of a decade… 1993 - 2004. There have been several nostalgic looks back at the AUDIO CD… and for many it was a sad ending for the cassette tape-- we hardly knew thee… CD burner’s weren’t widespread until the late 1990s (1998 / 99). We all know what happened to the music industry in 1999… DOH! This predated many portable mp3players but was a good predictor of what was to come.

All aboard the Blu Ray train…!

BTW, I still have some early 2 & 4x audio cdrs that still work :slight_smile:

I even have a few 8 tracks that did work & a player that will play them .
I can’t be sure because it has been years since I hooked them up & tried.
One vehicle I have has a CD & USB but the others are still cassette .
I have & use cassettes for the older vehicles.

Casettes were the worst. Mostly because when cassette players started to breakdown they chewed the crap out of tapes.

CD’s were so much better. As long you took care of them anyways. They were a huge step forward.

MP3 is sort of a step back because they have less audio quality.

FLAC isn’t too bad.

MP3 was great, when space was limited, broadband was slow, and it was the jumpstart for mp3 players.

I say FLAC is great and is here to stay. The drawback is however that most FLAC things, still comes from CDs etc. And not from a higher quality source.

Still good though compared to MP3.