The Cave

Anyone having problems backing up this title should get the latest versions of DVD FAB. This DVD appears to have a strange file structure. It rips ok but the main movie appears missing or corrupt. The latest version straightens things out then you can reauthor how you like. :clap:

Which version are you using?

the cave has the same ripping problems as I encountered in the brothers grimm dvd;no structure protection messages in dvd decrypter( latest /?last) only read error messages;this is unlike ARCCOS discs (sony) and early ripguard(madagascar) that always ripped successfully after inserting dummy sectors;maybe a new type of structure protection,only handled by dvdfab;however,I suspect dvdfab does a RAW read(similar to that used by l software to defeat safedisc in PC games);thus,a raw read being uncorrected ;it amplifies error load;do not rip a scratched disc.

The Cave has a lot of protection on it as I’m sure you already know. If I’m not mistakin’ the protection is in VTS_02. I used AnyDVD/VobBlanker to make a successful backup. Now waiting on a successful update to DVDFab, if and when it happens.

Had the same problem, used dvdcss region free and dvd shrink, looked like the finished product was blank but hit fast forward and movie started and looked great, also hitting the chapters button seemed to do the same thing

AnyDVD & CloneDVD backup this movie just fine without the blank screen at the beginning.

I had trouble with the newer version of DVDFab with this movie, reverted to the previous one, and had no trouble.

With the new version, DVD Shrink wouldn’t shrink the entire disc to fit properly. Don’t know why of course, but with older version, no prob’s.

Just checked the disc again, and it plays perfectly.

Dear all,

I assume that you mean DVDFab Decrypter & DVD Shrink have problems, but DVDFab Platinum/Expresss/Gold work ok.

I have a report that DVDFab Decrypter helps DVD Shrink to backup the disc, only with deep analysis, and old version of DVDFab Decrypter has problems.

So, could you please send me all the .IFO files on Original disc? I’ll check it when I receive it.


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i have the same problem as bumperbob with dvdfab decrypter/dvd shrink. Using dvdfab v. and shrink v.3.1. Copied entire disk to hdd, but could not shrink it to fit on single layer disk. I have this problem with “the cave” and “the gospel”. The Cave is vts 2, and The Gospel is vts 1.
see pic of the file w/dvd shrink here:


I have an idea to fix the problem now, and a new beta should be out soon, please wait.

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Please try the latest beta to see the result:

Just wanted to verify…bkup’d with express - main movie - platinum v. (latest version)…absolutely no problems, as usual.


Tom, same result with fab express, no problems (main movie). And quick review, not as horrible as alot made out…but too many closeups for sure.

Know complete new version of Fab coming per Fengtao, but shouldn’t Platinum be updated as Fab decrypter? (beta

Hey Larry, yeah, I haven’t really watched it through yet, but while the critics panned it, a lot of regular folk said it was worth it for what it was (I don’t think anyone thought they were going to see Doctor Zhivago… :rolleyes: except maybe “the critics”). Anyway, my 19 & 18 yo said the same…it was ok.

Re: the update, I may have it wrong but I think the Fab decrypter update was about compatibility with shrink and not so much decrypting capabilities overall…not sure though… :confused:

Tom, thanks - you are probably right about decrypt only needed it.

The latest changes in DVDFab Decrypter should also help DVDFab Platinum/Express/Gold, the most visible change is the black screen on the start of movie has been deleted completely.

We will update all the programs when we receive more feedback about new beta of DVDFab Decrypter.

“The Cave” and “The Gospel” have copied with no problems. I used Anydvd along with dvdfab decrypter beta 1, and Dvd Shrink 3.1.

Express latest version , main movie , no problems .