The Catbox, Revised and Renewed


Since we seem to have lost the Catbox, I’m starting this thread in the Newbies and pinning it. Post your odd musings, annoyances or just have a conversation in here if you like.



Its been a lazy Saturday, with me sitting and listening to music most of the afternoon instead of doing a dozen different chores that have been piling up. Guess I’ll have to get moving tomorrow.

One Goldfrapp song liked to vibrated the headphones off my head. These TH-X00 Fostex headphones can really bring the bass. :givesmile:


When the temp get closer or higher than 30C you really start to think about the days that the temps were lower, also put a lot o humidity and you have a recipe to complain for a long time

Room temp is 29C :frowning:


Check out the Megaphone up top :mega:


Yay! If the megaphone/chat is a new permanent feature, I’ll unpin this thread and let it fade away.

Thanks for the heads up.


This’ll hopefully save you some hassle Kerry.


Sorry for not informing everyone, I thought it would be a nice surprise once someone would find out about the megaphone icon :wink:


I don’t think anyone would argue with that Domi. A pleasant surprise indeed!


Is there some sort of qualification to see the chat icon?
I just don’t see it at all.
Tried various browsers.


It should be visible, its the megaphone icon on top.


Here is what I’m seeing now.


No idea what this is happening, you might want to try a ctrl+F5 if I login with a test account i can see everything.


Tried that, no good.
I assumed it might be post or time registered related.
But if you’ve created a fresh account that works.
Well I’m well & truly lost.


that was not a fresh account. Its a very old one.


Well this feature must be post/time related then.


It looks like the plug-in was set up based on the old vBulletin usergroup system. While the usergroups were copied across from the migration, users that joined after the Discourse migration would be on a Discourse based user-group. There were no Discourse groups selected for the plug-in, so I’ve added these.

Have a check now now to see if the megaphone appears.


Oh yeah .