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Is there any update on the broken post links, per my comment above back on…umm,…“18 days ago”?


Where is ChatBox? :confused:


Hello everyone
I am really new to any online forum community’s so pls forgive
me for any learning curve.
I have HP, PC and it has Windows 10 w a CD/DVD burner and the Dvds are being burnt
my issue is that they will not play on the DVD players I am using. The Menu board and the name of the burnt DVD shows up but when I push play it says video not supported.
So I was wandering what I am doing wrong. I am burning a dvd for my Missing Sister Normas Memorail/ Vigual we have planned for months. It I tmrw afternoon, so I am kinda freaking out. I have had DVD burners b4 and had no issues so I waited till the last minute due to trying to get all the photos for her kids on it as possible. I have no idea about some of the conversation and forums I have seen here. So I am not the most technically gifted person, pls if you have any idea on how to fix this or what I am or not doing, pls let me know. Thanks so much