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Apparently there are different levels of trust built into this new system for the users. New and basic users, then members and then two other levels up. I tried bumping you up and got you to member level. Maybe that will help TD.


I ran across a 20 post per day limit as a “new user” on my first day of posting yesterday. Also couldn’t edit one of my posts, even though the edit button was live. It said I exceeded my edit limit, even though that was my first attempt.


Yes, this is something we’re going to have to address for all the older, established members. I’m not the one to be poking around in the guts of the system however, cause I can do more harm than good. I’ll bring it up tomorrow if Sean or Domi don’t see it here.


Just reset my password and logged in for the first time since the changeover. Not sure I like it, but hopefully it will grow on me. The layout seems too busy, and I don’t like popups. The new forum engine also adheres to what I call the “endless web page”. On very long threads, is it possible to read only the latest posts without loading the whole thread? In eras past, a very, very long web page with lots of pictures could put a heavy strain on system ram. And chew up lots of bandwidth, which I (for one) currently don’t have in unlimited supply. I much prefer a paginated (i.e. “page 1”, “page 2”, etc.) engine so you can target what you load and view.

That aide, there’s a problem with broken site links in some posts. See Albert’s two replies in my thread: Buying first BD drive - specifically for quality checks . For some reason, the link I posted works.


You can get that by disabling Javascript (globally or for this site alone). This produces a html only view of the forum, which is also much lighter, requires less RAM and CPU time and doesn’t have any popups. You will have links at the bottom for next and previous page (Introduce yourself: Say hi! is one example link produced from “next page” in that topic).


I actually just discovered that on my own. But you can’t log in that way. If the non-JS interface was a bit higher-level, so it more closely resembled VBulletin, it would be usable. I was kinda hoping there was a settings switch somewhere to select the interface.

I’m starting to figure out the UI, but it’s feeling like solutions to problems that never existed. Too fancy schmancy. :frowning: I should go through the user account settings.


That is kind of how I feel about the new forum as well, but there is nothing to be gained from talking about it. I feel it is more productive to discuss actual bugs in the software, such as the missing bbcode or attachments, so these issues are brought to attention of the administrators and they can take appropriate measures to fix them, as DoMiN8ToR himself requested. This is what we should be discussing right now.

But in any case, regarding the layout. If I have the time I will be creating a custom layout for this forum that will be a (nearly) one-to-one copy with the old vbulletin style and layout, and the CDfreaks V1.0 theme by Sean (I may also implement the later Myce V2 style). I will be doing this for personal use but if approved by DoMiN8ToR I may also release this in public to be used by any CDfreaks/Myce member. I am sure there are people who would appreciate that other than myself. In fact DoMiN8ToR himself at one point discussed users being able to implement their own styling with Stylish userstyles in a topic regarding the shift to Discourse, so I could see him being on board with this, however this cannot be implemented in CSS so I have to use different methods.

I have done such projects before successfully, and I am finishing one off right now. You can look at the attached image to see the end product of my attempt to change the layout of the modern Google into one resembling the 2002 layout, and it came out pretty good (see the picture, compare it to your modern javascript fuckfest). I will be creating a thread briefly regarding another such project I am doing right now akin to CDfreaks but for a different website (a well-known American newspaper).

But for now we have to content with the 2 options we have; use the non-JS site and periodically turn on Javascript to make a post or use the modern site with its own quirks.


Perhaps, but if some visitors can’t get past the UI, they’ll never get far enough to use bbcode or attachments. My first look at Windows Server 2008 R1 (Vista also, I expect) was so negative, I wanted to spend all my time fixing the GUI instead of actually using the OS. I say the same thing about most modern web browsers. In any case, hopefully somebody’s also investigating my “broken links” comment.

Much appreciated. So your Google project was strictly CSS (I’m a little surprised that nobody’s building proxy interfaces for the most trafficked/bloated web sites), but Discourse would require Ruby coding?


[quote=“theTAO, post:29, topic:397620”]
Perhaps, but if some visitors can’t get past the UI, they’ll never get far enough to use bbcode or attachments. My first look at Windows Server 2008 R1 (Vista also, I expect) was so negative, I wanted to spend all my time fixing the GUI instead of actually using the OS. I say the same thing about most modern web browsers. In any case, hopefully somebody’s also investigating my “broken links” comment.[/quote]

Seems like we have a lot in common :-­)
I tried using NT6+ really hard, I really did. The lengths I went to try to fix the GUI to be useable included disassembling system .dll’s and pointing jumps to system calls to different places but for every issue I fixed I ended up finding 2 more. So eventually I gave up on that stuff and been using Windows 2000 and XP exclusively and have had no overwhelming issues, am pretty satisfied with that choice. Of course as a C programmer I have an advantage of being able to make certain things work on NT5 that were compiled for newer platforms.

You are looking at that somebody. The Google site was an easy thing and took me 15 mins, all in CSS. I don’t mess with Ruby or Perl or any of that, when I do actual web programming its PHP or CGI + C - my favorite, though it’s a bit 1990s and there’s no API’s I can use anymore :-­(


Just got in and I will be checking things out. If we all have to reset passwords, what is that going to do for members who haven’t been around in a while? Also I think some usernames would have been changed with the underscore, wouldn’t they?


If someone cannot get logged in, we have some strategies to get them back to their account. But they’ll need to send us an email describing the problem. There’s an address in the banner for contacting us.


Anyone having an issue with the site timing out when changing pages?


Haven’t yet here


Thanks bean55, it hasnt happened again here either.


It seems like many of the animated avatars got converted to static during the import. If anyone had an animated avatar, you can upload it again and it should remain animated.

The forum seems fine also here at my end. DoMiN8ToR told me he’s busy making code changes on the frontend pages, so could have been a temporary issue relating to that.

Despite the continuous scrolling pages, the forum seems to use a lot less bandwidth than the vBulletin based forum when browsing on my mobile. Previously whenever I was in an area with Edge (2G) data, browsing the forum was a tedious process, taking 20 to 30 seconds for the first content to appear. Now each thread I enter appears in a few seconds. I had not used Tapatalk in a long time, so could not remember how it performed over an Edge data connection.


This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.



i did set up a new topic to switch it from DVDRanger to a CinEx HD Utility , alerts are working great , it will take some time for everyone to get accustom to the new layout


I will post an update on the Catbox tomorrow. There is an excellent chat plugin for Discourse (our forum software) but our webhost doesn’t want to enable it, unless we upgrade to an enterprise account which is 4x more expensive.

So we have to explore other options to get chat back. More about that tomorrow, hopefully some of the old chatters will chip in then.


Ashame my Hosting company does. I would even offer MYCE a discount as a customer . Get with me ill get you my links if interested,

I stand corrected My company Hosting plans do not , PHP. SMF only


We have a years contract, due to the lot of work the migration took, so moving is not an option. Also, they are the developers of the software (Discourse) and I’m only aware of another company who is specialized in hosting Discourse, so I think your hosting company offers other forum software than we’re on!