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If your password does not work, please reset it. You can do it by clicking ‘I forgot my password’ after you’ve clicked the ‘Log In’ button.

Else don’t hesitate to contact us!


Since we currently do not have a chatbox (yet), slow chatting is allowed in this topic. If you allow alerts it should even be faster than the old chatbox.


If you miss attachments, then they are still imported. It can take several days before they are back again, but nothing should be lost!

The Catbox, Revised and Renewed



This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


Odd, I had to log in to the main site, then log in again when I wanted to type something in the catbox.


Things can go crazy while the DNS is updated across ISPs…at least, I hope that’s it!


I have a question. Has anyone posted in any part of the forum since the changeover? Other than mods and admins?


I haven’t noticed anyone post yet.


I posted in the forum


Had to use the password recovery option to login. Didn’t get an email. Then used password recovery again. Still nothing… Then looked in my junk mail folder which had eaten those two emails.


I also was not able to login with my (valid) password. What’s worse is the discourse database had my old email linked (which didn’t work) instead of the current one (changed 02/12/2017). So I had to actually go to that old email provider and reopen my email account there temporarily just to get the password reset…

Well other than that this forum has a few bugs as well. Old BBcode seems to be broken all over the place, for example my thread here: Deciphering the manufacturing date of your media (with pictures + all major mfg's!)
You can see the broken bbcode here, colors and font size adjustments are not displayed properly. Attachments are gone too but I understand that those are still being imported.

I’m not a fan of this new modern style/layout either, but that’s just my opinion. I’m chilling in the old forum Catbox ( till that gets taken down! :Р


Same here, it seems it affects everyone logging in for the first time at current (don’t be surprised if we who are already here will have to reset it again) :slight_smile:

It will take some tumbling around to get used to it, I will make a ‘child’s play’ out of it in a day or two and make it ‘home’, it probably won’t take a rocket scientist and then we will probably have a few requests.
Please though, I have a lot of rubbish to say about it myself at current, but that is just me, now. I’ll get there, changes will come, sometimes it is security like here, sometimes it is simply evolution and I will have to be there.


It’s also so that the more it’s used now, the more sense all feature will make. Currently a lot of old content appears on places, but once more recent threads are updated/created, thing should become more sensible.

Obviously things are different from Vbulletin and there are also for us (staff) some annoyances, as it’s much harder to assist users in getting their password and/or email changed.

But Discourse is fast,secure, feature rich, mobile-friendly, allows logins from social networks and utilizes all modern web technology of today so somewhere it has to be an upgrade of good old Vbulletin :wink:

That said, I fully understand that it’s harder to get used to than if we switch to software that wasn’t so drastically different.

More importantly, if you have annoyances, it would be even better to post them. Some might be due to settings we haven’t discovered and that can be changed! Or else we can change something on the layout, we’re very open to that.

When it makes sense and is technically doable, we will certainly try to accommodate any wishes!


I have a question, are the [COLOR], [FONT] and [SIZE] tags intentionally disabled or will they be made usable? I believe you may need a plugin for color in Discourse… These tags were available in the vbulletin forum and I have posts and a topic that rely on those tags.


@aztekk, not intentionally, as far as I knew, there is no support for Discourse for bbcode, but I read that there’s a Discourse plugin for that. It’s normally not part of our package (we appear to be limited to only a handful of plugins) but I will try to ask if we can get it, as it solves a lot of issues for I guess.

Thanks for asking. Another option is to use Javascript to parse the bbcode, which would be something I can make myself, but simply takes time!



A lot of strange limits on posting replies to threads or making edits to posts.


What are some of the ones you’ve run across?


One thread said I was a “new user” and had a 2 hour limit before I could post another reply. I’ve also gotten a message about too many edits in one hour and had to wait 36 minutes before I could edit another post.


Now is the time to complain. Sean and Domi are still fine tuning the forum software.

I’ll bet you’ve run into part of the anti-spam measures built into it. But don’t know why it would think you’re a new user.