The cat or the peanutbutter sandwich

When you drop your peanutbutter sandwich it always hits the floor with the peanutbutter side. When you drop a cat from a building it lands on his feet. What if you tie the peanutbutter sandwich on the back of the cat and throw it off a building … what will hit the floor??

The cat (on his feet) or the sandwich (on the peanutbutter side)??

//scientific approach//

If it were a normal cat and a normal peanut-butter sandwich and attached on its back , i think it’d be the cat. Depends on the height of the building as well. I once read the cat trick doesn’t work anymore if the building is more than 11 floors.

//end of scientific approach//

If it were a 1lbs cat and a 250 lbs peanut-butter sandwich , i wouldn’t be the one cleaning up the mess.

Well it depends, if the its high enough and if the cat likes peanutbutter.
If the cat likes peanutbutter it will try to lick it of his back, not concentrating on landing on its feet and boom, the peanutbutter hits the floor

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I once read the cat trick doesn’t work anymore if the building is more than 11 floors.

I don’t think any trick would work to even keep anything alive from 11 stories…

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I don’t think any trick would work to even keep anything alive from 11 stories…

What about a parachute? :wink:

The cat and the peanut butter sandwich would hit sideways.

The cat would explode on impact, then because of the greatly reduced weight (and possibly because the string will break), the peanut butter will then fall over, resting buttered side down, thus ensuring the greatest mess possible.

Of course, I could be wrong.
The cat could land on its feet, but all it’s bones in its legs would break, ensuring that the rest of it explodes on impact, and then the peanut butter sandwich gets ripped apart too, all pieces eventually landing buttered side down.

Murphy was a bastard. I like cats. :slight_smile:

This is the funniest thing I have read today. Man this got me laughing.

Mmmmmm, how’s about I blow the cat and the peanut-buttered toast up before either hits the ground.

That way nobody ever needs to know.

EDIT: Didn’t see Debro’s similar post before posting this.

Great minds think alike eh!!!:bigsmile:

The question can be answered by looking at culmulative physics… The cat (with or without the buttered bread) would go through 4 phases before landing on its feet.
1-wriggle maniacally until adjusted into a feet-down plummet.
2-go from shitting itself to accepting that it’s falling and will stop wriggling.
3-the cat’s terminal velocity will be reached shortly after beginning the fall, due to wind resistance or drag. The cat will experience ‘glider’ like responses to the fall because of it’s body design and will provide it with some buffering, especially if it’s falling between high-rise buildings.
4-the cat will visually acknowledge that the ground is approaching and readjust itself for an uncontrolled and unjudged landing.

After this, it will hit the ground and provided it hits a flat piece of ground fairly straight, it should only recieve minor injuries and possibly a broken leg and rib or two. It also helps if you use a really fat ‘Garfield’-like moggie…

It should be now obvious to all that there is no way a slice of bread would still be tied to the cat after all this.

The cat will hit the ground feet first, followed by what’s left of the bread (most likely now to be in 2 main halves), which will hit spread-side down…:rolleyes:


Just tryed this and my cat is now dead LOL

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Just tryed this and my cat is now dead LOL

And the peanut-buttered bread?:stuck_out_tongue:

turned all red dont know whyturned all red

I never knew that a peanut butter sandwich always lands on its buttered side, but the answer is neither they would both hit the ground at the SAME time, sideways.:wink:

ok tell the truth who sent the RSPCA round to my house

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And the peanut-buttered bread?:stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t eat that, especially after it’s been lying on the goprund. And I’m not even gonna get started about the cleanliness of cat. They lick themselves. Ewwww!