The case of the 'innocent infringer' reaches the US Supreme Court

The case of the ‘innocent infringer’ reaches the US Supreme Court.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) settled out of court with thousands of file sharers, and the select few that decided to go to court suffered severe monetary punishment.  One of the few remaining active cases has moved to the Supreme Court, which sets a precedent as this is the first RIAA-led lawsuit to reach this level.

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What the RIAA and the MPAA need to do is, pull their collective heads out of their butts, and make concessions with the public. Find a happy median where they think it’s fair, we think it’s fair, and most importantly, lawmakers think it’s fair. I agree that everyone should pay a price for copyrighted materials. But, I should not be forced to pay thousands for sharing. Maybe the cost of the song, album, and some reasonable lawyer fees with a small fine. No criminal charges. It amazes me that even the youth of America is being charged with felonies for stupid things. You’re supposed to do stupid things as a kid, it’s how they roll. Not shackling them with a record that follows them from childhood through their adult lives.