The case of the disappearing disk

I have a problem I can’t figure out. It has to do with a DVD that was burned in an external drive but isn’t seen in the internal drive.

I have a 2.2GHZ Celeron with 500MBs of RAM and a 80 GIG HDD. I used Nero Essentials to burn to my external (USB) Philips DVD-RAM; Nero Essentials came with the drive. Then one day I had to load it into my CDRW/DVD-ROM drive which came with my HP Pavilion. This is a DVD-RW that hasn’t been finalized. The CDRW/DVD-ROM is also a Philips (but internal). The problem is… THE CDRW/DVD-ROM doesn’t see the disk. There’s nothing on it as far as that drive is concerned. But the DVD-RAM does! Strange! Any suggestions?


this might happen, especially if the disc has not been finalized. In that case, the disc can often only be read by the drive that was used for burning. It does not matter what brand the drives are.

Another reason could be a bad burn. The disc is not readable in some drives at all then. But there are still other drives that can read the disc.

And not to forget: Your combo drive might just not be able to read DVD-RW discs at all. Nero Info Tool should show you the capabilities of your drive.


Thanks Michael. The CDRW/DVD-ROM drive does read DVD-RWs according to Nero Tool. And curiously it WILL read some DVD-RWs that have been recorded. This questionable disk is a downloaded program disk. I’ve turned off auto play on the CDRW/DVD-ROM drive. Would that make a difference?